Joseph Olisaemeka Wilson (b.1999) is an artist working in Brooklyn, NY.

His works aim to excite the eye, and spur conversation over a multitude of subjects –– many of the drawings and paintings look as though they are detailing a fantasized armageddon, complete with chaotic battlefields and imagined machinery looming over a devastated world,  and while others depict athletes, spirits, and animals in a ritualistic dance.

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1999 Born in Los Angeles, California

2017 NYU Gallatin, Art History and Environmental Design

2020 Silver Art Projects Residency at 4 World Trade Center

Lives and works in Brooklyn, NY



2022 After me, the flood, Derek Eller Gallery, New York City

Everything go scatter, Tiwani Gallery, London, UK

OMG (how to find God), Fergus McCaffrey, St. Barth

2021 Olisaemeka, Simchowitz Gallery. Los Angeles, California.

Jaga-Jaga, Freedom Gallery. New York, NY.



2022 Seven/Seven: The Fraught Landscape, Fergus McCaffrey. Tokyo, Japan.

2021 Poetic Sustenance, Ryan Christopher, Miranda Forrester, Joseph Olisaemeka Wilson. Tiwani Gallery, London, UK.

The Loneliest Sport, Spazio Amanita Gallery. New York, NY.

Animal Instincts, Steven Zevitas Gallery. Boston, MA.

2022 Narrative Minds, Asia Art Center, Taipei, Taiwan.



2022 Art Expo Chicago, Fergus McCaffrey, Chicago IL
2022 NADA, New York, Housing Gallery, New York, NY
2022 Taipei Dangai, Asia Art Center, Taipei, Taiwan



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Joseph Olisaemeka Wilson Artist
"I went from being a complete loser to having a rocking chair and a funky hat in a matter of three weeks." Photo by Suzy J. Levy
Joseph Olisaemeka Wilson Art
Photo by Suzy J. Levy